We have performances and workshops that are suitable for schools / learning communities – from ages 3 to 6 years (preschool age) and ages 7 to 12 years (primary age). Our programmes have been approved for NAC-AEP subsidies (National Arts Council Arts Education Programme). For other school requests, such as commissions, holiday/festival programmes, etc, contact us for a no-obligation chat.

Pre-school Dance Programmes

Primary-school Dance Programmes

Professional Development
We provide school teachers and staff with training in body safety & consent education, and creative movement & social emotional learning.

Get in touch to discuss your school's needs or book an existing creative dance teacher training programme through our partner, The Artground.

Insect Inventorium: DIY Resource
Insect Inventorium is an art meets science interdisciplinary project that discovers and studies insects in Singapore neighbourhoods, so as to imagine the ones yet to be found.

Together with our Insect Inventorium collaborators, we are making this resource available to teachers, parents and communities, so that children (or anyone!) can enjoy the process of inventing their own insects, as we did in Insect Inventorium. Try it and share your new insects with us!