Dance Classes
Dance Classes 1
Rolypoly Family focuses on creative movement and welcomes diverse children and families to its dance classes. Every child is unique and no dance background is needed to join us. There are also no exams. On the contrary, leave any pre-conceived notions and inhibitions at the door and re-discover play and dance with us.
Dancing and having fun can also take place after class and parents are encouraged to encouraged to incorporate these movements into the daily routine at home. Visit our Learning Hub to get some inspiration!
We also conduct dance classes, workshops and bespoke dance parties for company events and family celebrations. Drop us a note - we'd love to chat more!
Dance Playgroup (Ages 1 to 3)
Dance Playground (Ages 4 to 6)
Together with our network of partners, we bring creative and dance performances, workshops, exhibitions and other experiences to more children and families. RolyPoly Family community has the opportunity to participate in more creative programmes and conversations which will help cultivate a greater appreciation for and connection to the arts in Singapore.
Our loyalty programme members enjoy early access and special rates to these