The Basket

The Basket 

The Basket, inspired by The Incredible Basket by Quek Hong Shin, features two dancers with baskets full of imagination!

At its core, The Basket looks into acts of holding and caring – holding space, holding each other, caring for others and caring for ourselves. These are images and sentiments that children as young as 4 years old can appreciate and connect with.

Through dance theatre, we present these acts of holding and caring in very literal and physical ways. What is it like, in our bodies, to be kind and caring and to be a container for ourselves and others? What is it like when a basket gets too heavy? How does it feel when the weight is just enough? This animated and sometimes acrobatic performance offers a visceral response to  these questions in age-appropriate and age-appealing ways.

The Basket was performed at 2020’s edition of #buysinglit at Ground-Up Initiative and later adapted for Club Rainbow’s Dreamseeds Arts Festival 2020. The adaptation included online workshops and an online performance-talk. 


Read The Straits Times review of The Basket here.

Their movements were assured and clear, which made it engaging to watch. Their welcoming manner also enabled ideas to be communicated to their young audience without being didactic.


– Joyce Chng for The Straits Times

Very effective start to the show and my daughter was very engaged – she’s three and enjoyed the extra attention. Dancers captured the joy of movement very well.


– Audience Member

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