We offer private classes and consultations for children, families and communities. Book private sessions for more focused attention and customisation to your needs. Consult with us to gain deeper insight into how dance education might be enhanced in your community.


Examples include:


  • Private creative dance classes
  • Private contemporary dance classes
  • Private sessions to prepare a dance performance
  • Customised dance/movement workshops for various communities of children and families
  • Customised homeschooling project through the medium of dance/movement
  • Consultation on how to integrate more movement and dance into your homeschooling education and life, at your convenience

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Email general@derringdodance.com to enquire or set up a meeting with one of our directors.


If you already know what you’re looking for, feel free to include details in your email e.g. tell us more about your event/what you’re trying to do, price range, class size, etc.