Announcement regarding Safe Management Measures (21 March 2022)


We continue to monitor the situation and maintain safety protocols, in line with the most updated health advisories.  

Keep safe and stay well!

Dance in a supportive creative environment! 


Experience the endless possibilities of contemporary dance -- floor work, leaps and turns, gestures, going upside down, falling and getting back up again... enjoy moving with a wide range of music, moods, and dynamics. Explore and express your own unique kinesthetic flow and virtuosity.

We advocate for dancing to develop the mind-body connection, practice energy efficiency, and cultivate body autonomy.

At 10 Raeburn Park (Sigma Collective Space):
- Mondays, 515 - 645 PM for adults and youths
- Fridays, 430 - 6 PM for children 6 - 10 years

The family that rolls together gets stuck together!


Rolypoly Family Dance Class contains a pint of play, a cup of curiosity, a smidgen of song, and lots of hugs and kisses!

Rolypoly Family Dance Classes bring children and grown-ups together for fun and connection through contact-based dance and play. We've got movement, music, massage and upside-down silliness! Children and grown-ups take turns to lead and follow, push and pull, lean and support.

This year, we run the Family Dance Class as part of the Family Dance and Music Jamboree! 2019 (see below).

Rolypoly Family's "contact-based dance and play" approach is grounded in these 3 principles:

Partnership Across Generations

Safe Physical Contact

Movement Improvisation

"Contact-based dance and play" is the way we describe our work, as it is very much influenced by contact improvisation (a dance form based on the communication between two moving bodies in physical contact) and learning through play approach. We believe that having a safe and fun space to dance in contact with others and to nurture the intelligence of our bodies is valuable for children and grown-ups of any age.

Our approach is inspired by creative individuals and organisations from Singapore and beyond - some we know personally and some we hope to meet soon - including Chapter Zero (Singapore), Itay Yatuv/ContaKids (Israel), Segni Mossi (Italy), Hsuan-Hsiu Hung (Taiwan), "Teacher Tom" Hobson (USA), and wcciJAM (USA).

Dance Playground is where we explore dance and movement through unusual play structures and get (a little) messy. We play games that transform movement into visual forms... that transform back to movement again. What do wiggles, jiggles and squiggles create? You will find something new in each Dance Playground, even if it might look the same at first.


We developed Dance Playground through our play with children of various ages, as well as our training with Segni Mossi.

Dance Jambo! is time and space set aside for children to explore self-initiated dance and movement. Specially selected music set the mood for different phases of the jamboree and facilitators dance alongside the children to suggest the corresponding movement for each phase.


Children are free to choose where they dance in the designated space, how they dance and when they dance.

Club dancing for young ones and their grown-ups

Want to groove and sing-along to your favourite tunes? We provide specially curated playlists that get grown-ups and young children twistin' and shoutin'.


After a brief warm-up led by our dance facilitators, we open up the dance floor for spontaneous dancing. Don't be surprised if you know the lyrics to the songs and find yourself singing out loud! And if our dancers break into a mini-performance right next to you, just keep calm and steal their move or teach them some moves of yours.