Benefits of Creative Movement
for Children and Adults

1. Creative movement enables children to explore and express their individuality.


In creative movement, children exercise their imagination and communicate what they see (an image), think (an idea), or feel (an emotion/a sensation) through their bodies.

2. Children’s bodies constantly grow and change, and they learn about themselves through movement. Simple activities like rolling, twisting, and stretching enhance their psychomotor skills, promoting body awareness, control, coordination, and balance.


This boosts physical strength, stamina, curiosity, and self-confidence. Creative movement lays a foundation for other dance forms, preparing them for contemporary, classical, hip hop, jazz, and more.

3. When dancing with others, children will develop their social-emotional skills and learn about respect and boundaries – as they connect with themselves, they also learn to be respectful towards someone else’s body, personal space and the surroundings.

4. As creative movement thrives on individual expression, there is no one right way to move and dance. This will allow children to be more comfortable and self-assured in expressing themselves as they develop their individuality and self-confidence.


They are also able to better understand and embrace the similarities and differences of others and grow up to be more empathetic individuals.

5. In the same way, adults who participate in creative movement with their children/the children under their care are encouraged to release their inhibitions caused by fear, shyness or inadequacy. Getting outside their comfort zone and dancing with the children will provide them with feelings of freedom and empowerment. They will also learn that an individual’s creative expression is to be celebrated, not conformed nor confined.

6. Creative movement is a great way for parents to stay active and bond with their children. Parents who regularly move and exercise with their children are able to monitor their growth and progress, as well as inculcate the importance of fitness to the children from young. It can be easily incorporated into the daily routine.