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The Rolypoly Learning Hub is for:

✔ Parents who want to equip their children with body safety skills and knowledge

✔ Educators who want well-organised information about body safety and dance education

✔ Parents and educators looking for fun dance content

✔ Anyone purchasing our in-person classes and other products.


Here, you can access our:

✔Body Smarts Through Movement Arts online courses

✔Dance courses for educators, parents and caregivers

✔Creative content for children

✔And more! 


Body Smarts Through Movement Arts equips children and young persons with information and skills about body safety and respect, through age-appropriate movement exercises and games. The online courses support adults in addressing body safety and respect with the children they care for. Topics covered include body ownership, body boundaries (and body rules), consent and safety steps. 


Our dance courses help educators, parents and caregivers who want to expand their creative capacities, increase their social-emotional wellbeing, and to move and play with their children. The hub also has Rolypoly Family’s online content for children, to watch with or without grownups.


Rolypoly Learning Hub includes…


My Dashboard: This section will provide you with an overview of their activities in the Learning Hub and courses that you have enrolled in. 


Forum: Connect with fellow members by engaging in discussions started by anyone in the community, even yourself!  


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We are so glad to be able to reach more children and families through our online Learning Hub, and to share our work digitally. We continue to conduct live workshops, classes, events, and consults and would love to connect with you in person too!