Singalong: My Body Belongs To Me

“My Body Belongs To Me” by Rolypoly Family

This is a song we wrote in 2019 to help children and grownups remember the core concepts of our body safety programme, Body Smarts Through Movement Arts. We hope singing this super catchy song and moving along will help children and grownups to remember the core body safety rules. And you can shake things up by naming as many body parts as possible – and dance with those body parts too 🙂


Big thanks to Singapore Children’s Society (Kidzlive: I Can Protect Myself) for paving the way for body safety education here in Singapore and for inspiring the song. With support by National Arts Council


Produced by Rolypoly Family

Lyrics: Rolypoly Family

Additional Text: Suhaili Safari

Melody: Natalie Tse (Little Creatures)

Musical Composition: Suhaili Safari

Video: Shaun Koh (T25)

Sound Engineer: Eugene Soh

Project Manager: Natasha Lau