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About Us

Established in 2018, Rolypoly Family, led by Faye and Bernice, provides a safe, respectful and imaginative space for children and families to dance and play.
With extensive professional backgrounds in performing, creating and teaching, Faye and Bernice incorporate their love for dance and movement, with their expertise in facilitation and pedagogy, in Rolypoly Family’s classes and programmes. They believe that playing and dancing are important components of life, and in our modern society inundated with tech and instant gratification, children and families can benefit from more playing and dancing.
The Rolypoly Family name is a statement of these beliefs – that families come in all shapes and sizes, that kinship can grow through creative and physical play (yes, rolling!), and that rhyming is as fun in language as in dance.

As mothers of young children, Faye and Bernice are also strong proponents of body safety awareness for children, adults and educators. They believe that adults have the responsibility to keep children and young persons safe, and children have the right to equip themselves with knowledge and information about body safety, respect and consent.

Rolypoly Family’s Body Smarts Programme is developed to teach and share about body safety and sexuality education to children, through age-appropriate exercises, games and songs.

Rolypoly Family is a division of Derring-Do Dance.
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Rolypoly Family is a division of Derring-Do Dance.